Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Back to you

I hope you don't mind a little pun. Today's outfit looks really cute from the back.

The Taylor Top is the Women Only Hunt prize hidden in the coconut at JUSTICE. This bandeau-style top ties in the back and is a versatile layering piece - for example, it fits under the Tropical Shirt I blogged here. I paired it with the Reianne Skirt that you can pick up while you're hunting for the coconut at JUSTICE. I found the Reianne Skirt on the wall of group gifts.

ArisArisB&W is featuring the Gardial Clogs in a special promo only for the marketplace. These beautifully detailed clogs are an original mesh design, and the included texture changing Hud provides a universe of options to customize the style. I played with the Hud a lot and finally chose almost the style the clogs had on delivery, because I love it.

Ava's cute Straw Hat and Bag are group gifts from {amiable} where they're in the 1500 member's Thanks Gift.

{amiable} - 1500 member's Thanks Gift Straw Hat & Bag - free group gift
*ArisArisB&W - Alus77 - Gardial Clogs - Marketplace
JUSTICE - Taylor Top - WOH hunt prize
JUSTICE - Reianne Skirt - free group gift

DOUX @ Equal10 - Sorcha Hairstyle
Nanika - Clarissa Tattoo Henna

CATWA Head - Catya
Essences - Skye #Pale02 (CATWA Applier) - June 2018 Powder Pack
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

Pose: Glitter Poses Back Pose Sexy Shoppers

@ Deepmarsh by the Sea

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

I'll just chill in the shade

The swimsuit Ava is wearing is called "Hello Sunshine", how ironic is that? This racer style onepiece is the free gift from Beautiful Dirty Rich. (B.D.R.) in the Women Only Hunt (WOH). The legs are cut high and the bodice is cut low, and the suit clings in all the right places. A Hud is included to vary the colors. Despite its name, Hello Sunshine is also great in the shade.

The rest of Ava's look is from inventory. I tried on all the shorts in inventory, and the Rolled Shorts by Blueberry fit over the suit. I hope you like the look!

Ava is chilling at Deepmarsh by the Sea on a vintage French daybed by junk. I love the cute animations and I didn't have to adjust a thing.

B.D.R. - Hello Sunshine Swimsuit - free WOH5 hunt gift!

Blueberry - Rolled Shorts
CODE-5 - Alonza Piercing Set - Marketplace
-KC- Couture - CAERA WAIST PIERCINGS - Marketplace

CATWA Head - Catya
DOUX - Lara hairstyle
Essences - Skye #Pale02 (CATWA Applier) - June 2018 Powder Pack
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
MANDALA - Steking Ears

@ Deepmarsh by the sea ~

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Good morning

A casual dress is perfect for a walk at sunrise when the mist hangs low over the marsh. The Jersey Tropic Dress by RiR Life is a gift for RiR Life group or teleport.hub group members (both vendors have the same dress). It's a loose fitting white dress with an apron effect and cute pockets that look like You could fill them with the shells and sea glass you find on the beach.

In the photo I'm visiting Deepmarsh by the Sea, a beautiful sim that reminds me so much of the shore near my home. I want to get more photos of the gorgeous sites of SL, I have only a few snaps of some favorites that have disappeared. I thought I'd get more photos when I had the time, and then poof! These beautiful sites are like sand castles that get swept away by the tide.

RiR LifeRir Jersey Tropic Dress - RiR Life group gift / free to join
                                                         - or group gift / $10L to join

Addams - Mesh SixtySeven Sandals
CATWA Head - Catya
L'Etre and DOUX - Lara Hairstyle
Essences - Skye #Pale02 [skin] - Powder Pack June 2018
Maitreya - Lara mesh body
MANDALA - Steking ears

pose: an lar [poses] The Frost Mini Series - Two (m) - free on the Marketplace

@ Deepmarsh by the Sea ~

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Midnight moonlight romp

You never know what mischief I'll get into at the midnight hour, and last night's mischief involved dumpster diving. The Dumpster Diving Hunt (DDH18) runs through August 31. Click Here for hunt locations and hints.

The creators who hid the little dumpsters in their stores put some really nice things in them. I found the perfect purple romper at Ambient Fashion and the bento nails to match at White Rabbit Nails. The Marietta Romper is a perfect fit for Ava's Maitreya body, and I adore the color and style.

Ava's elf ears are already adorned with jewels, but the Flora earrings from Fortuna add extra sparkle. The earrings are a free gift at the Gacha Garden, and they match the Flora necklace and bracelets I got there previously. A Hud varies the gems and metals of all three. The Gimme Gacha events feature cute gachas and tons of free gifts, and in the past year I've collected lots of both.

Ambient Fashion [AMBI] - DDH Marietta Romper - DDH18 hunt prize
Fortuna @ the Gacha Garden - earrings Flora - group gift
HERA - WOH5 Bento Pose 3. - WOH5 hunt prize
!White Rabbit Nails - Jasmine - DDH18 hunt prize

Fortuna - necklace Flora & bracelets Flora
tram @ Collabor88 - H0726 hair
(Yummy) - Stella Rings

amara beauty - Jamie Skin - Powder Pack June 2018
Avi-Glam - AG. Summer Eyes - Powder Pack June 2018
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
^^Swallow^^ - Noldor Elf Ears

@ The Outer Garden ~

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sun breaking through

What do you do when you're caught in a summer cloudburst? If you did the Women Only Hunt (WOH), you find a nearby café where you can sip a latte in style until the sun breaks through. Click here for WOH locations and hints.

Ava's entire outfit is courtesy of the generous creators who hid Women Only Hunt gifts in their stores. Even the pose is a WOH gift. Her hair is the monthly VIP group gift from TRUTH.

In summer, I love an airy cotton shirt like this tropical shirt from LOULOU&CO. The bra is not part of the hunt gift, it comes with the Maitreya body. The shirt could be worn without a bra if you like a more daring look.

The cute shorts from Have Unequal come with a Hud to change the color of the tropical flowers on the back pockets. The "flats" from Psycho Barbie fit the "high" feet, but they have no heels. They're trimmed with metallic skulls and side buckles in silver or gold.

Ascendant Body Shop - WOH5 Coffin Bento Nails - free WOH gift
Have Unequal - [HU] Mary Shorts - free WOH gift
LOULOU&CO - Shirt :: AMBUJA :: Tropical - free WOH gift
The Owl. - Single Poses. Pack #6/3 - free WOH gift
Psycho Barbie - Skull Flats - Hunt item - free WOH gift
RED GIRL - Flowers Tattoo - free WOH gift
TRUTH Hair - Yuko - monthly VIP gift ($350 join fee)
WHITECITY - HUD (Fruity Gloss n.5) - free WOH gift

amara beauty - Jamie Skin - June Powder Pack
Avi-Glam - AG. Summer Eyes - June Powder Pack
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

@ Luanes World

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sometimes you bring the sunshine

It got a little overcast here. Sometimes you need to bring the sunshine, and I found just the thing in ChicChica's prize for the Women Only Hunt (WOH). This prize has two bottles of Orange Juice, one to wear and one to rezz so that I can bring a touch of sunshine to my décor too. Click here for WOH locations and hints (just keep scrolling down).

Ava's bathing suit is a free group gift from Seniha. The Aroa Suit has a top, panty, and skirt, and Ava wore all three into the water. The skirt has a bottom ruffle and is somewhat sheer so you can just see the panty through it. This generous gift comes in a fatpack of prints and solids using the included Hud, and it's a perfect fit for Ava's Maitreya body. I love everything about it!

Ava's beautiful new skin is also free. JUMO is giving the Brooklin skin to members of the JUMO Fashion group, which a short week ago was free to join. The Brooklin skin was created for the Simone Lelutka head, but I used the included Omega applier to apply it to the CATWA Catya head with good results. Brooklin has a pretty porcelain doll look, and I really like the cleavage - not too little, not too much.

ChicChica - Orange Juice - WOH hunt prize
.:JUMO:. - Brooklin Skin Porcelain - group gift (join fee currently $350L)
Seniha - Aroa Suit - group gift

#ADORED - enamored lips - Malibu club edition (June Powder Pack)
alme. - Summer Gift - Matte [Nails] (past gift)
Avi-Glam - Summer Eyes (June Powder Pack)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara

@ Luanes World

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Wanting & wondering...

"Loves me, loves me not" is a game children play with daisies, and now it's a bento pose. "He love me, he don't love me" is a $1L gift from Expressive Bento Poses on the Marketplace.

The child's daisy game shows something about human nature: people want to love and be loved. It's bliss when our affection is returned and agony when it's rejected. We feel longing and uncertainty when we're not sure how our beloved feels about us. The gift pose is a sweet way to express these emotions.

Ava's Lace Dress is a group gift from Lomomo, and it's a beautiful sample of a dress that normally sells for $230L. Her Belt Necklace is a group gift from =Zenith=. =Zenith= has a lot of past group gifts out for the group join fee of free. Both the Lomomo and =Zenith= groups are free to join.

Ava's Xan Hair is from a lucky board at .Olive. I showed the back of this hair in my blog yesterday. The Xan hair can be worn with or without the cute buns, or the buns can be worn separately.

Expressive Bento Poses - He love me, he don't love me - $1L on Marketplace
Lomomo - Lace Dress D01 - free group gift
:::NOIR::: - Daisy Sandals (past gift)
.Olive. - the Xan Hair - free lucky board gift
[ VERSOV ] - Notrollov Bracelet Wood&Cream - group gift
=Zenith= - Belt Necklace - free group gift

Catwa Catya mesh head
Maitreya Lara mesh body
.:JUMO:. - LilyRose Skin Porcelain BDay
.:JUMO:. @ The Makeover Room - LilyRose Lips Glam Doll

@ mystical fae

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