Sunday, April 15, 2018

Light Through Glass

~ Credits ~

Schultz Bros. - Thatch Cottage - March Deco(c)rate

Serenity Style - Mozart Spring Sofa - April Deco(c)rate
Serenity Style - Mozart Spring Table - April Deco(c)rate
Serenity Style - Mozart Spring Books - April Deco(c)rate
Serenity Style - Mozart Spring Fishbowl branches - April Deco(c)rate

Dahlia - Pluvio - Dresser - April Deco(c)rate
Dahlia - Pluvio - Poppies Book - April Deco(c)rate
Dahlia - Pluvio - Poppies Vase - April Deco(c)rate

BackBone - Whatever the Weather - Pouffe (light) - April Deco(c)rate
BackBone - Shabby White Finds - Family Sign - GachaLand

Plastik - April Showers Gems [Single] Growth - April Deco(c)rate
Plastik - April Showers Lamps [Cluster] Growth - April Deco(c)rate

Sari-Sari - Garderobe - April Deco(c)rate

[zerkalo] Spring Dream - Apple Pillows - GachaLand
[zerkalo] Spring Dream - Flower Frame - GachaLand
[zerkalo] Spring Dream - Gerbera Candle - GachaLand
[zerkalo] Spring Dream - Ivy & Roses - GachaLand
[zerkalo] Spring Dream - Cat Pillow - GachaLand extra!

The Half Moon Market - RARE Dragonfly Lamp - Rose - GachaLand
The Half Moon Market - Glass Floor Lamp - Garden - GachaLand
The Half Moon Market - Stained Glass Bauble - GachaLand group gift!

8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Out of Tea

Apple Fall - Basil Sproutings - LOR Easter Hunt prize!

Artisan Fantasy - Origami Butterfly - Music - GachaLand group gift!

[Con.] Egg Chair - PG - LOR Easter Hunt prize!

Raindale - Sheer Curtain - group gift!

~ xoxo ~

Friday, April 6, 2018

Shine bright like a... butterfly

The morpho butterfly is so beautiful it's referred to as a “living jewel.” Perhaps creator Tesslyn Finesmith of Mariposa Couture had the morpho in mind when she created this gem of a gown. I've tried to show its shimmer in my photo, but this is really a gown you have to see in motion not only for the sparkle but for the swirling flexi scarves that attach separately.

I've had the Alexis marsala gown in inventory since I picked it up at the Free Dove during my early days in SL. But I never realized its beauty until I got the new computer. A note in the dress folder says: "If I'm not shiny or sparkling in a pretty way, you need to set your graphics to high and activate your Advanced Lighting Model." What a difference when you have a computer capable of this!

Avastelle's beautiful earrings are amazingly a group gift from Mandala. The OUGI earring-RED as well as another pair of gorgeous earrings are free for members of the Mandala update group, which is free to join. Ava's hair is a Marketplace dollarbie from Exile, which was put out "just for fun" to see how many people would find it. The Instant Crush hair comes in bento and non bento versions and a full fatpack of colors.

~ my finds ~

gown: Mariposa Couture @ the Free Dove - Alexis Marsala - Free Dove group gift!
earrings: Mandala - OUGI earring-RED - group gift!
hair: Exile - Instant Crush - Marketplace dollarbie!
lipstick: Insomnia Store - Full Off Colors Lips - group gift!

~ the rest ~

shoes: YM Shop - Xavier shoes
body: Maitreya Lara
head: Catwa Catya
skin: amara beauty - Miriela F01

location: Luanes Magical World


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Getting through the twilight in old New York

"As only New Yorkers know, if you can get through the twilight, you'll live through the night." Dorothy Parker

The 1920s New York Project is so evocative of the New York of my childhood that a wave of nostalgia swept away my thoughts of today and left me with memories of times past. The cars here are older, the year is 1927, but the places don't look all that different. People fill the streets of the real New York, yet if you want, you can feel as alone in the crowd as Ava is sitting in this café.

When you visit 1920s New York you'll want to dress in period style. Don't worry, you can hold onto your lettuce. I'll tell you how to get this swanky outfit for free!

~ my finds ~

dress: Eloise Baker @ 1920s New York Project - black floral dress [orange] - gift!
hat: Eloise Baker (flagship store) @ Time Portal - jeweled velvet cloche [orange] - gift!
necklace & earrings: Nerido - Kitty Set - group gift!

~ the rest ~

shoes: Amacci Shoes - Taryn - Winter (past group gift)
gloves: Meva - Audrey Gloves Black (past gacha prize)
body: Maitreya - Lara
head: Catwa - Catya
skin: amara beauty - Miriela F01
hair: Tableau Vivant (past SL14 gift)

location: 1920s New York Project

~ xoxo ~