Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mist-shrouded, communing with elder tree beings

“Trees, it turns out, have a completely different way of communicating: they use scent.” --Peter Wohlleben, The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World 

This gorgeous leather skirt with side laces is the monthly group gift from !ElvenElder. The texturing is impeccable and the skirt fits and moves with my Maitreya body perfectly. The group gift comes in one colorway with a Hud to vary the side laces and metals.

Ava's beautifully rendered, whimsical tattoo is a group gift from CAROL G. The color of the group gift is a henna red in in four color saturations, variable by Hud from 35% to 100%. Ava is wearing the darkest (100%) color.

!ElvenElder !EE Fit mesh leather skirt v2 Gift - group gift ($100L join fee)
CAROL G. hippopotamus Red tattoo - group gift ($130L join fee)

N-core @ The Arcade - THAIS "Nude"
L'Etre Kylie Hairbase
Sintiklia Hair Mbali
amara beauty Jamie Skin (Powder Pack June)
Catwa Catya mesh head
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Artis poses AE Jewelry pose 1a

@ Lost Unicorn, A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Everyone should have a reset button

I need a reset after the amount of freebie shopping I just did, and one of my favorite reset modes is just sitting, doing nothing. In the tumbler would be my favorite relaxing beverage, a macha latte with soy and lavender. Ava's drink tumbler is a free group gift from .little fox. that comes with a texture changing Hud. Naturally I've used the unicorn texture.

If you're thinking, "wait a minute, you haven't taken down your Christmas decorations yet?" that's not quite it. I've actually just put them up again - for Christmas point five, the halfway mark to next Christmas. I've also just visited the Apple Fall booth at SLB15 and scooped up some half price décor that I adore, and redecorating is happening at Ava's place.

Ava's fringed shorts are a gift from Ascend at SLB15. Her laced mini corset is a group gift from D.A. Style Creations. Her fun tattoo with the reset button is a group gift from Violetility. F.Y.I. the Violetility group is temporarily free to join, and the mainstore has a whole wall of group gifts! Ava's laced choker is a group gift from amias. Her nails (you'll need to zoom in to see the rainbows) are a gift from Dark Passions at SLB15, and her lipstick is a group gift from LePunk.

Ava's fringed sandals are a group gift from Scandalize, another group that's temporarily free to join, and another mainstore with a whole wall of group gifts! The backpack she's sporting is a group gift from Addams on their wall of group gifts, and her hair is a group gift from MINA hair in their side room of past group gifts. The sandals, backpack, hair, nails, and lipstick each provide an assortment of color options via Hud.

Phew! That's a lot of freebies! You can collect scads of new looks just by visiting the sites mentioned here.

.little fox. - Drink me tumbler GROUP GIFT
//Ascend// @ SLB15 Lara Fringed Shorts - SLB15 gift
Addams // BackPack - group gift ($19L join fee)
amias - MARCH [choker] - group gift
D.A. Style Creations Mini Corset - group gift
Dark Passions @ SLB15 - Koffin Nails - Rainbow in Darkness - SLB15 gift
LEPUNK Trinity Lipstick - group gift
MINA Hair - Stella - group gift ($200L join fee)
Scandalize. ScandalsSandals. - group gift (temporarily free to join, $100L regular join fee)
Violetility - Synthetic Tattoo - group gift (temporarily free to join, $75L regular join fee)

Ama. : Mela Rings
Ama. : Mela Toe Rings
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears

@ mystical fae (2nd photo)

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Last night I dreamt in rose gold

I've done Twisted Hunts in the past, and they have a reputation for being the hardest hunts in SL. The Twisted Sockdolanger Mini Hunt is a bit different. The Sockdolanger sales event and mini hunt benefit the Relay for Life first life charity. The event is on a single sim. Participating merchants have RFL Vendors and gachas in addition to the mini hunt so that even if you don't find the prizes your purchases will benefit charity. There are also donation kiosks scattered around the sim.

The Infinity Chain Choker is a free gift in the Sn@tch store at the event, no hunting required.

[meisu] @ Cosmopolitan Moira glasses
:::Sn@tch @ Twisted Sockdolanger Hunt Headquarters Infinity Chain Choker::: - free gift!
.GO! Makeup @ The Gacha Life GO LipGlossy Makeup 07 - free TGL group gift!
CAZIMI: Nails - Glitz [Nudies] - Teleport group gift! ($10L join fee)
Ama. @ The Liaison Collaborative : Mela Rings
:::ChicChica::: @ The Arcade Smoothie Gacha #13
FOXCITY. @ The Arcade Babe Cave Gacha - 8 - Black Overcompensating (Common)

{le fil casse} careless summer nights dress
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head
amara beauty Jamie Skin (PP JUNE 2018)

~ xoxo ~

Friday, June 22, 2018

Take your time, but hurry!

Addams has a couple of special gifts for visitors to the Second Life 15th Birthday shopping and gift event (SL15B). First there's a big red heart in the center of the Addams event location that you click to receive one of 50 different gifts. The red heart will be on location until 10PM SLT Friday (tonight!) There's also a red heart in the Addams mainstore. If you go to the Addams mainstore to get the gift you'll need to wear your Addams group tag.

Second, there's a vendor sitting next to the big red heart with a gift of coupons. I used the 50 percent off coupon at the Addams mainstore to purchase the Isabella Boho Shirt. The Isabella shirt has gorgeous statement sleeves with delicate sheer embroidered panels. I've paired it with the Calliope Skirt & Belt from Blueberry that you might buy with your $500L store credit from Blueberry at SL15B.

Third, Addams has select items discounted 50% at SL15B and in the mainstore. I'm not sure how long the coupons and discounts will continue to be offered, but I believe they're time sensitive as well. So take your time, but hurry!

Addams Isabella Boho Shirt - 50% off with Addams @ SL15B coupon
Blueberry Calliope Skirt & Belt - free with Blueberry @ SL15B gift card
eXxEsS @ SL15B Summer Hat - free gift!
*YS&YS* @ SL15B Rodi Necklace and Rodi Flats - free gifts!

[WitchCraft] Aster Tattoo
Phoenix Brooke Hair
MANDALA Steking Ears
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head
amara beauty Jamie skin

@ Baja Cove

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Jade Cloud in the Summer Wind

When I was at the SL15B shopping event, I saw an avatar waltzing across the sim in this gorgeous jade cloud of a dress. I made a quick inspection to find out who created it.

SL Tip: To inspect an object, start by right-clicking the object. You will get a pie-shaped menu with the selection "More>" in the bottom slice. Click "More>" twice and you'll get a menu with the selection "Inspect". Click "Inspect" and you'll get an Inspect Objects panel. At the bottom of the panel are two buttons: "See Owner Profile" and "See Creator Profile". Click "See Creator Profile" and you'll bring up the profile of the object's creator. If the creator has a shop, that information is usually found in the profile in About: or in Picks.

In this case, the owner and the creator are one and the same: Deborah Vos, who brings clothing to SL under the label DE.Boutique. I was intrigued when I visited the mainstore and saw the affordable prices for her beautiful and exclusive creations. The gorgeous Summer Wind dress, which I received in 7 colorways, is an affordable $109.

DE.Boutique Summer Wind MAITREYA
alme. @ SL15B Summer Gift - matte (nailpolish) - SL15B gift
[MANDALA] OHAJIKI Earring-GREEN - (past group gift)
Maraschino @ SL15B - Vintage Vice Cigarette Holder - Jade - SL15B gift
MINA Hair - Carmen - MINA VIP excl. group gift
!Rebel Hope @ The Free Dove - Libby Mesh Heels_Maitreya - Free Dove group gift

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Catwa Catya Mesh Head
amara beauty - Jamie Skin - Powder Pack JUNE

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Happy 15th Anniversary, Second Life!

A few of the free gifts from the Second Life 15th birthday shopping and gift event (SL15B). 

The SL15B shopping and gift event covers four sims: Aurelian, Gilded, Golden and Halcyon.

The gift from Blueberry at the event is a $500L gift card that you can take to the Blueberry main store to use however you wish! I used my gift card to get the Catrine Off Shoulder Top and Skirt, which has a long skirt version in addition to the short skirt Ava is wearing here.

Blueberry @ SL15BCatrine Off Shoulder Top and Short Skirt - free gifts @ Blueberry Main Store with SL15B gift card!
Caboodle @ SL15B - Sunflower Headband - free gift
Blushed @ SL15B - The Zoo - Earrings - free gift
{what next}@ SL15B Summer Drinks - Pineapple Cup - free gift
Lapointe & BastChild @ SL15B - Swear Charm Bangle - Zodiac Birthstone - free gift
alaskametro<3 @ SL15B - "Kohl" eyeshadow - free gift
alme. @ SL15B - Summer Gift - matte (nailpolish) - free gift
LURE: @ SL15B - Lipstick Gift - free gift
Belle Epoque @ Redeux Necklace - free gift
ALB DREAM FASHION - FURAHA flip flop espadrilles flats by AnaLee Balut - free gift
TRUTH VIP Fiji - VIP gift

Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head
amara beauty - Jamie Skin - Powder Pack JUNE

Apple Fall @ SL15B Cake, Balloons - Pink & Gold, Confetti Balloon (Gold)  - free gifts
[keke] @ SL15B celebrate . SLB15 special . free gift
CHEZ MOI @ SL15B Lemon Macaroon Stool - free gift

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Too much fuchsia?

As it turns out, SL fashion photography is becoming a passion of mine an obsession. I'm eager to learn it and having tons of fun while I do.

It also turns out that I can wear any number of dresses to display this sweet tattoo. In SL you can change your tattoos to match your outfit, but I keep matching my outfit to my tattoo due to its meaning. Thanks to the generous designers of SL, I can also match my outfit to my budget, because everything was free!

The tattoo is the Unalome#01 Underboobs Tattoo, a gift from Carol G. at last month's eBento event. The sparkly fuchsia dress is the Doll Parts dress, a gift from Entice at the Designer Showcase. Ava's dress has been blogged by others, but I've got a scoop: Ava's matching shoes are a Lucky Board prize at Mosquito's Way! If you went to Designer Showcase to snag the free dress, you might head on over to Mosquito's Way to try your luck at winning the Shaylee Shoes.

This isn't too much fuchsia, is it?

Entice @ Designer Showcase - Doll Parts - Fuchsia - gift!
Mosquito's Way - Shaylee *Lucky Board* prize!
( luc : jewelry ) Heart of Passion Necklace (April Redeux gift)
^^Swallow^^ Ines Lipsticks - group gift! ($40L join fee)
Carol G. Unalome#01 Underboobs Tattoo (May eBento gift)

Maitreya Lara
Catwa Catya
amara beauty Miriela F01
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears
.Shi Hair :Bled'sian

Kraftwork Holo Chair for Photos

~ xoxo ~

Midsummer Eve Mischief

If I were a fairytale character, I'd be the mischievous elf causing everyone to fall in love. It's great fun as long as everyone is appropriately matched in the end. I visited the Midsummer Enchantment and Redeux events, then I channeled my inner love elf to put together a fun outfit from the gifts. The gifts at Midsummer Enchantment are $5L each and are hidden around the sim in masquerade masks. At Redeux the gifts are free and prominently displayed. Here's what I got ~

.AiShA. @ Redeux Filigree Eyeshadow #1 White (it's like a mask) - gift!
Fallen Gods Inc. @ Redeux A Fallen Clockwork Aid (the wings) - gift!
Cubic Cherry @ Redeux Arel horns chalk - gift!
Az Design @ Midsummer Enchantment Luter Spiral eyes - $5L gift!
Velika Rituals @ Midsummer Enchantment The Eye bindi - $5L gift!
Sn@tch @ Midsummer Enchantment Love Yourself Necklace - $5L gift!
FurtaCor Alexandra Sexy - group gift!

Maitreya Lara
Catwa Catya
^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears
amara beauty Miriela F01 skin
Moon. Hair. // Olive

~ xoxo ~

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Somehow a plate broke. Our innocent bystander doesn't say a word, he just looks at me with soulful eyes. Who broke the plate?  It's a mystery...

But it's no mystery where Ava got her chic outfit, and conveniently she got it free.

Ava's dress is a group gift from Furtacor. The wonderful print with a chinoiserie effect is one of dozens of print and solid textures you can apply to the dress with the included HUD. The satiny soft mules are a new group gift from COCO DESIGNS. Both groups are free to join. The fantastic necklace set is in a lucky board at CHAIN with no group required to claim a gift. The adorable "innocent bystander" is a free gift from MOoH! at The Gacha Life.

Furtacor - Nathalia Dress - group gift!
*COCO* - Gift_SatinMules_Beige - group gift!
CHAIN - Liu Necklace Set - Lucky board prize!
MOoH! @ The Gacha Life - innocent bystander - group gift!
ionic @ The Chapter Four - c'est la vie gacha: Le Cottage - RARE, Garden Table, Garden Chair, Oui (Art wall), Oranges et Fleurs

Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head
amara beauty Bianca 02 skin (April Powder Pack)
MANDALA Steking ears
DOUX Sofia hairstyle

~ xoxo ~

Friday, June 15, 2018

Remembering You

I have a certain feeling when I lose or misplace something. It's as though the hand reaching for the thing is coming up empty, while the longing to grasp it is still there. I was at loose ends like that today when I tried to TP to Cuivieenen, a sim I've visited in the past, and found it missing.

There was a sweet little chapel on Cuivieenen with a statue of Our Lady. I think I've finally got the outfit to wear in that chapel, but I've lost the opportunity. I left the background empty today rather than try to fill the void with something else.

The dress in Ava's perfect outfit is the Eve Dress from AdoreZ at the Jersey Shore. Gifts at the Jersey Shore are priced at $10L, but the contents of the gifts are displayed so that you know what you're getting before you click. The midi length Eve dress is constructed of sheer textured fabric (in my favorite color) and lined from bodice to mid-thigh.

Ava's Summer Rattan Hat with Flower is from a gacha at Zenith (although I bought it on the Marketplace). Instead of tying a string around her finger to help her remember, Ava has a ribbon tied around every finger, thanks to a group gift from Drastic. Her sparkly jeweled necklace and fashionable bracelet are group gifts at the Imaginarium. All three jewelry items are color changeable using the included HUDs.

AdoreZ @ The Jersey Shore - Eve Dress - $10L gift!
=Zenith=  Summer Rattan Hat with Flower (Milk) - gacha
.Drastic. - Bento Maitreya Ribbon Rings - group gift!
Fortuna @ The Imaginarium - necklace Flora - group gift!
Spotcat @ The Imaginarium - Pin Bracelets - group gift!
JUMO @ The Chapter Four - Rosary Pearls - past gift

Phoenix @ FaMESHed - Brooke Hair
MANDALA - Steking Ears
Maitreya - Lara
Catwa - Catya
amara beauty - Bianca 02 (April Powder Pack)

~ xoxo ~

Feelin' Groovy

I love everything about this dress, from the fit to the print to the ruffle to the cutout that perfectly frames Ava's "underboobs" tattoo. And despite its wonderfulness, LMagnums Sweet Alice Dress in the Seashells print is free at The Gacha Life.

Nearly all the vendors at The Gacha Life set out gifts in front of their shops. All I had to do was join the free group, stroll down the boardwalk, and click away. And while I'm focusing on free fashion, the free things are a mere sample of what you'll find in the gachas.

The Dandelions Necklace that Ava is wearing is a gift from !IT! at The Gacha Life. The metals and stones of the necklace are changeable via HUD. Her Chic Shades are a group gift from ^^Swallow^^, the creator of her Noldor Elf Ears, and both are HUD changeable with many variations.

I previously blogged the Unalome#01 Underboobs Tattoo by Carol G. This is a tattoo with special meaning to me, and I was delighted to find another dress that displays it perfectly. The lovely leg tattoo is called simply "Hope" and is a group gift from LeLuck.

Ava's Reese Bag is a gift from THE OAK free of any requirement to join a group. The Reese Bag is texture changeable via HUD.

LMagnums Clothier @ The Gacha Life - Sweet Alice Dress - Seashells - group gift!
!IT! @ The Gacha Life - Dandelions Necklace 2 - group gift!
GO Makeup!! @ The Gacha Life - LipGlossy Makeup 07 - group gift!
^^Swallow^^ - Chic Shades - group gift! ($40L join fee)
THE OAK - Reese Bag - group gift!
Carol G. - Unalome#01 Underboobs Tatto - past gift
LeLuck - Hope tattoo - group gift!
Blushed - Leaf & Gemstone Stacked Bracelet - group gift!

^^Swallow^^ - Noldor Elf Ears
DOUX - Juniper Hairstyle
Maitreya - Lara
Catwa - Catya
amara beauty - Bianca Skin (April Powder Pack)

ionic @ The Chapter Four - Le Cottage gacha - Le Cottage RARE, Front door planter

~ xoxo ~

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The peacock and the rose

Ava looks a little like Cinderella running away from the ball. But unlike Cinderella, Ava is not about to drop her red-soled slipper. She's too attached to it.

Ava's lovely Santina Mesh Gown is a group gift from Tiffany Designs. The mesh gown has a flexi skirt and veil that attach separately. The flexi attachments flutter when she moves and billow in the SL breeze. There's nothing quite like having a fluttery, billowy dress for dancing the night away.

The Tiffany Designs VIP group gives you a 50% discount on all mainstore purchases as well as the monthly group gifts, lucky chairs, and special promos. I keep group slots open for popping in and out of groups that are free to join, but the TD group is one I've stayed in since my first days inworld.

Ava's red-soled slippers are the Dana Stiletto by Nardcotix. The metal colors of the shoe detail and buckle are changeable via HUD, and the stilettos have that iconic red sole (without the iconic price tag).

Ava's Carmen hairstyle is a group gift from MINA Hair in a new blonde color exclusive to the VIP group. The hair has rigged and unrigged versions and comes with a HUD providing options for the bangs and Materials.

Tiffany Designs - TD Santina Mesh Gown - group gift! ($800L join fee)
NX-Nardcotix - Dana Stiletto
MINA Hair - Carmen - group gift! ($200L join fee)
^^Swallow^^ - Noldor Elf Ears
amara beauty - Bianca 02 (April Powder Pack for Catwa)
euphoric - Koko Beauty Set (April Powder Pack for Catwa)
Lisa Walker Makeup - Flawless Brow Highlighter - group gift ($100L join fee)
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head

Glitter Poses - Back Pose

@ The Outer Garden

~ xoxo ~

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mystical Almost Mauve

I love, love, love! the Juliette dress from Aleutia. I was enjoying a quiet evening inworld when I got a notice from the Aleutia group about a "1 Hour 1 Linden" special in the mainstore. I adored Aleutia's Jules blouse that I blogged here and so I braved the lag along with the other shoppers that hour to get Juliette for $1L.

I'm beyond pleased. First there's the color, Almost Mauve. I'm tickled pink that Aleutia uses the Pantone recommended colors. Almost Mauve is an almost pink, almost grey, ephemeral color that's neutral yet more interesting than pure white. Then there's the gorgeous style and texturing, which in RL might be silk with sheer embroidered panels.

Ava's hair is something I picked up at TLC earlier in the evening, the Mbali Hair from Sintiklia. Mbali is a relaxed updo you might wear on a summer day for any occasion from the beach to the dance floor. The tendrils and bangs can be turned on or off via HUD.

Ava's Kirenna Fey Teardrops earrings are a group gift from Maxi Gossamer, and her mauve lipstick is in the Trinity Lipstick HUD, a group gift from LEPUNK that features several mauvy tones. The metals and pearl colors of the earrings are changeable via HUD by left clicking on the earring. 

Aleutia - Juliette Almost Mauve
Sintiklia @ TLC - Hair Mbali
Maxi Gossamer - Kirenna Fey Teardrops - group gift!
LEPUNK - Trinity Lipstick - group gift!
Ama @ TLC - Mela Rings

Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head
MANDALA Steking ears
amara beauty Bianca Skin - April powder pack
alme. Pearlessence - White nails - past gift

@ Mystical Fae Forest ~

~ xoxo ~

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Log cabin dreaming

I found the perfect iron bed for my cabin, and it was free! I'm excited because I've been looking for a nice single bed for a while now. This Wrought Iron Bed is the June group gift from PiCaZZo. In addition to being perfect for a guest bedroom or small space, it's decorated with a pretty floral wreath that you can just see peeking out behind Ava.

I'm enamored of late with hairbase appliers. I think they add realism, for I have baby hair at the hairline, don't you? The NO_TREASURE hair from no.match at Tres Chic is a generous gift that includes a full color hairbase applier HUD as well as a texture changing HUD with all the ombré tones for the hair.

Ava is wearing Nanika's gifts from two events. Her Sun Choker is from Tres Chic, and her Clarissa tattoo Henna is from The Imaginarium. The Clarissa tattoo features filled-in roses at the shoulders, and the gift version is the henna color I adore this summer.

Ava's shorts are from NyDesign's Soleil Outfit group gift. The gift comes with a top so Ava can wear it outside the cabin :) and a texture changing HUD.

Décor group gifts from ASO!, CMYK, Paper.Sparrow, and Satus Inc. lend the cabin a cozy atmosphere. A little log cabin is one of the coziest ways to live, so long as you still have WIFI.

NyDesign - Soleil Outfit - group gift!
no.match @ Tres Chic - NO.TREASURE. ~ Essentials/OMBRE - gift!
Nanika @ Tres Chic - Sun Choker - gift!
Nanika @ The Imaginarium - Clarissa tattoo Henna - gift!

PiCaZZo - Wrought Iron Bed - group gift! ($20L group join fee)
Satus Inc. - Jar of Hearts (Full & Empty) - group gift! ($10L group join fee)
Paper.Sparrow - Magnolia Flowers - June group gift!
ASO! - Aroma Diffuser (Lavender) - group gift!
Apple Fall - Dolly gacha - Blanket Curio & Ulysses Butterfly Shadowbox
CMYK - Dream Catcher - June group gift!

Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head
amara beauty Bianca skin

Luanes World - bento pose - Always Kiss Me Goodnight

~ xoxo ~

Monday, June 4, 2018

All grown up?

But still your little girl, always and forever ~

Heth Haute Couture Kyleigh Earrings - Free gift, no group needed
Heth Haute Couture Kyleigh Gown - group gift
Sorumin @ the Imaginarium Pink Rabbit -In hand- group gift
Lisa Walker Flawless Brow (Catwa) - group gift

euphoric ~Koko Beauty Set~[Catwa] - Powder Pack April
amara beauty Bianca Skin - Catwa - Powder Pack April
DOUX Sofia hairstyle
MANDALA Steking Ears
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head

@ Luanes World 

~ xoxo ~

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Howdy, Pardner! The Dakota dress is one of four gifts Indyra has out in the store. No group join is needed to click the gifts. Dakota is a silky mini dress with an embroidered suede belt that's laced in back. The delicate print of the dress has just a touch of green.

Ava is wearing the Jill hair by TRUTH, which comes with a Western hat attached, because you gotta wear one of these in Dakota. This is one of my first SL hair purchases. When I put it on I got a wave of nostalgia and felt like line dancing.

Ava's Rope Choker and Hoop Earrings are group gifts from L'Etre. The choker is rigged mesh, which I love to see in jewelry. These are in the box full of group gift goodies L'Etre & DOUX have out in their main store.

Here's the scoop ~

Indyra Dakota Dress: Ash - group gift
L'Etre. Les accessoires - Rope choker / Hoop Earrings - group gifts
Blushed - Leaf & Gemstone Stacked Bracelet - group gift
Nanika Darina tattoo - past gift
SlackGirl @ the Imaginarium - KAI Mesh Nail - group gift

@ Mother Road - Mirage Motel 66

~ xoxo ~

FaMESHed and a few freebies

I got into FaMESHed on my first attempt, and after trying out a few demos I quickly clicked Ava into beach readiness. The marvelous Baiastice created a dreamy beach resort look with the Sasha Bikini and Crochet Tank Dress. The crochet coverup slipped perfectly over the mesh bikini, and without a hitch Ava was dressed for cocktail hour.

Ava's braided wavy beach hair is the Brooke Hair from Phoenix, also from FaMESHed. The Brooke  hair has double cornrow braids to the nape of the neck that fall in cascades of waves to the waist. Ava's Apple Martini wearable drink is from ChicChica at Blush.

Ava's accessories were free, and I think they make her outfit pop. The Tempura hoop earrings are a group gift at MANDALA. The Leaf & Gemstone Stacked bracelet is a lovely group gift from Blushed. I used the texture changing HUD to vary the color of each bracelet individually. Ava's hippopotamus RED tattoo is a group gift from CAROL G. ($130L join fee). Ava's Akiko Eyeshadow and Trinity Lipstick are group gifts from LEPUNK. Each comes in an assortment of colors via HUD.

Here's the scoop ~

Baiastice @ FaMESHed - Sasha Bikini / Crochet Tank Dress
Phoenix @ FaMESHed - Brooke Hair
MANDALA TEMPURA Hoop earrings - group gift
MANDALA Steking Ears - half price!
Blushed Leaf & Gemstone Stacked bracelet - group gift
CAROL G. hippopotamus RED tattoo - group gift
LEPUNK Akiko Eyeshadow / Trinity Lipstick
insanya Cali Sunglasses (past gift)
ChicChica @ Blush Apple Martini wearable drink
Maitreya Lara mesh body
Catwa Catya mesh head
amara beauty Bianca Skin (Powder Pack)

@ Baja Shore

~ xoxo ~

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown

“The master’s gone alone,
Herb picking somewhere on the mount,
Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown.”

A book by Alan Watts, "Cloud-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown: A Mountain Journal," begins with this Zen poem. When I was younger I dipped into the well of Zen and yoga, which seemed equally mysterious. Part of the attraction was that I didn't understand them. When I heard something like "what's the sound of one hand clapping?" my mind went "whaaaa?"  and that moment of "whaaaa?" has a special quality. In that moment the mind is completely open and vibrantly aware. It's "don't-know" mind. One way to stay in don't-know mind is to aimlessly wander, destination unknown. In Second Life or out.

Yoga pants are still my clothing of choice, and Ava's !EE Fit Mesh dance yoga pants, the current group gift from Elven Elder, are beauties. I want them for real!

Ava's Bijou hair is a group gift from KoKoLoReS. Bijou has a texture change HUD providing a basic selection of hair colors and a separate HUD to vary the head scarf.  Here's the scoop ~

Elven Elder !EE Fit Mesh pants v1 Group Gift
KoKoLoReS Hair - Bijou VIP gift May2018
LIKE DESIGN Diamond Sandal - Tres Chic gift
Mandala Steking Ears Season 5
Blueberry Jocelyn - Knotted Top

@ The Outer Garden

~ xoxo ~